Dearest friends. Yesterday there was an uproar on a Facebook page concerning a handful of pagan believers accusing {whether rightly or falsely} a Christian of attacking another person. A pagan. According to the accusers, there was no provoking and it was blatant. This stemmed from the voting at Circle of Moms for the Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms. Before I go any further, let me just say that I do not accept paganism worship as being OK. Why? Because God does not stand for it. Actually, He does not stand for any worship to any other god's but Him. It's stated in the First Commandment.

Whether or not the accusations are true really is moot at this point. My concern was for the discussion that followed on Facebook between the Christians and the pagans.

I can resonate with the mode of defense many Christians were using because I used to do the same thing ~ and I realized it got me nowhere. Would you permit me to offer you some alternatives when talking with non-believers about our faith? Graciously? :) These are the things that set us apart. Again, I understand we can get angry and frustrated, especially when people attack US and disrespect US. It's almost natural to want to react. But it really shouldn't be. It is through the Holy Spirit you have self-control, even when you're being attacked. But attacking back will get you nowhere, except backwards.

So, if you come across someone who doesn't believe in Jesus, keep a few things in mind as you converse together:

  1. We represent God. Every word that comes out of our mouth is a direct representation of God. Kind of a heavy cloak to carry, yes. But the Bible talks extensively about guarding our tongues and being careful that no idle talk comes from our mouths. Aim to be kind and loving even when the other party isn't. Answer questions when they are asked, but deliver as graciously as possible.
  2. We are called to love our enemies. It should be no secret that pagans/Paganism is an enemy of God. I was asked last night "So why is it the Pagan community is always at the source of all this type hate?" There seems to be a false belief in Paganism that Jesus accepts pagans and He is at the center of all faiths.  We know this to be untrue. But, we can still share the Truth in love. No, it's not always easy. Believe me. I know it's not always easy. Our bent is to hate all things that God finds unacceptable, but we need to recognize there are people under these pagan beliefs.  People we are called to love. And, we should offer them hope. There is always a chance of rejection, but we must at least try planting {not hitting the seed with a shovel}.
  3. Non-believers do not hold to the Bible ~ until the Gospel has been presented and accepted, typically, the Bible is not usually well received among non-believers. Editied to include: Christians need to be careful how we are presenting the Word. Are we spouting it off as venom, or are we speaking it in love and humility? I did not write this as clearly as I intended, orginially. I do believe in the power of the Word, but I believe how we present it plays a role in that as well. :) {Thank you, Kimberly}.
  4. We do not know their past. Some people have been wounded by Christians or the church and therefore are quite bitter toward all Christians based on their own experience. We must really tread carefully. As you know, not everyone represents Christians or Christianity accurately. One woman stated in that thread that  "Christianity is all about materialism, the better a Christian is the more expensive stuff they have." Is she far off from why she would believe such a thing? What are preachers preaching from the pulpit? A "name-it-and-claim-it 'gospel'". That's what she knows of Christianity. :(

Whether a person is pagan, Muslim, Buddhist, or of any other faith does not give us the right to disrespect them as people. They are still people created by the same God who made us and as long as a person has breath, there is still hope.

Yes, please reject the idol worship. Present the truth. Pray for growth and move on, if that is what we must do.

As crazy as it sounds, if rebuking is in order, even that can be done respectfully. ;)

But we must be careful in how we conduct ourselves friends.

Please know, I am guilty of this very thing and speak from experience. I have never seen anything good come out of answering in defense. I am in no way saying that you may not offend someone, even through words of grace (I successfully did so last night!) But be lead by the Spirit so you can be held blameless. :)

We are sisters in Christ and we are growing together. We are not perfect people and we will not always conduct ourselves as such.

Remember the old adage : Kill 'em with kindness.