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Think cupcakes and coffee; community and connection. As women who have influence through avenues of blogging and social media, Allume Social brings us together in order to learn the best way to reach out. Allume Social is a conference for the practical, but also connects the hearts of women in an intimate way.


Allume Social is what was formally The Relevant Conference; a re-birthing into new light. That's what "allume" means: light, in French. It's the very thing we are called to be.

But this conference has become more - it's most definitely an ongoing community of women who share struggles, prayer, scriptures, stories, laughter and life.

If you have not had the opportunity to be part of this changing event, I invite you to consider coming to Allume this year. It's being held October 27th-29th in Harrisburg, PA.  Tickets go on sale March 1st at midnight - and early bird tickets sell out quickly {as in, about 3 minutes or less}! Space is limited so don't miss out on this opportunity if you are interested in joining us! Please join us? Visit Allume Social for more information. :)

We're all sorts of crazy and fun!

Allume Social is an extension of:

 I invite you to join us tonight on Twitter for our #Allume Launch Twitter party! We will answer questions, give out prizes and have a great time just chirping it up! It all starts at 9pm EST.  Follow hash tag #allume. We'll be giving away an Allume Social Conference pass FREE!

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