Animal Learning Homeschool Activities

Kids Animal Activities This is a sponsored post. I was given a free packet to explore and compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Animal Learning

My seven-year old is quite fond of animals. Several of my children have taken more than an interest in animals, but he may just take the cake.

He takes great care of many stuffed animals; giraffe's mainly, but also a french bulldog and a bull terrier. He jumps at the chance to learn new things about animals.

He was so excited to receive his Junior Explorers packet in the mail and get started right away! So we laid everything out to get a good look at what was included.

Animal Learning

Kids Animal Activities

He received:

  • An Activity Book
  • Animal Stickers
  • Animal Tattoos
  • Animal Fact Cards
  • Animal Postcards
  • A bracelet
  • A pin/badge
  • A Sheet of Facts

Also included was a mission code to be entered into the iPad app. Inside the app, he learned about animals from the arctic. His mission was to find mother polar bear that went missing from her cubs. Along the way he would learn different facts about the arctic and view photos. He went through different facts and played some fun games in between.

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I love the hands on aspect of it as well as the digital side because it offers some variety in his learning. It helps him to transition from one thing to the other while still maintaining the topic. It's not just one or the other, it's both. It also has something called "Mission Giveback initiative, where he can give back at the end of each mission.

Each month, Junior Explorers sends out a new kit with a new mission to explore. It's set up as a subscription so they automatically arrive each month. It's specifically designed for elementary aged children and is a wonderful way to introduce or supplement studies with characters Kia and Kyle.

They learn about ecosystems; the Arctic, the Amazon, and the Serengeti as well as the animals that live there. As they work through and complete each mission, they earn points that can be converted to dollars for the Mission Giveback Initiative. They can choose a non-profit to donate, supporting a conservation. What a wonderfully tangible way to learn!

The goal of Junior Explorers is to help connect kids to the planet through these missions in order to teach them about wildlife and nature.

As you can see, he is one happy (and cheeky) boy! And you will be, too!



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