After Relevant - God Saved My Family's Life

Before I get into how awesome Relevant was, I first want to share the end of my trip and how God literally saved mine and my family's lives. After my husband (and 4 other kiddos)  picked me up from the train station, we began our one hour journey back home. After some time into our drive we came across a traffic jam (construction). As we were traveling slowly (10-15mph) I noticed a weird noise coming from our front, right tire.

We thought maybe it was  a flat, but it wasn't a bumpy ride. In addition (my husband being an auto mechanic) mentioned if it were flat, the steering would be off.

So after the jam, we picked up speed and noticed a slight "thump, thump, thump". We pulled off the freeway into a nearby gas station so my husband could just take a quick look at it. He shook it and it didn't seem loose.

We returned to the freeway, but put our hazards on and went 55mph instead of 70mph. We heard a weird "pop" and the noise got louder. The steering changed and was now "off".

This whole time I'm praying for protection. We were still a little ways from home. So we got off the freeway to continue home on side roads. The noise continued to get worse as well as the steering. We come to our turn which puts us about 1/2 mile away from our house. I knew, I just knew that when we made this left turn it was going to happen. I was right.

Our wheel flew right off our car! Yes, our van was full of children.

I am thankful to God...because we were not on the freeway going 55-70 mph

I am thankful to God...we were going no more than 10 mph when the wheel flew off

I am thankful to God...that we were able to scrape our way safely onto the side of the road, out of traffic.

I am thankful to God...for protecting my family and showing me He is in control.

holy experience