Adding Some New Content to Joyful Mothering

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There have been a few things that have really consumed my mind in the last several months. One in particular I cannot shake, no matter how many times I've tried to brush it under the carpet.

Before I get into that, though, the first thing I want to add more of to Joyful Mothering is resources for moms. This has been a part of the vision all along, but I haven't been as intentional about it as I would like. Sometimes as mothers, as women, as wives, we just need help and direction. And there is SO much help out there, we don't even know how to sift through it.

My goal is to sift through it for you, and offer you the best resources based on my own observations and usage of said resources. This can include anything a mother would use, really. From an eReader to a kitchen utensil or small appliance. From a book to a favorite coffee mug or home decor piece. I love DaySpring, in all ways. I love their community and their store. I love their heart and their mission. They have great items that I have just not shared and really want to. (Who, by the way, is having a $30 off $100 in their HOME section with code SAVE30, and 30% off all Max Lucado items in June).

So, my goal is to bring these to attention, specifically when there's a good deal to be had (since I'm all about saving a buck, too!) No, I do not plan to become a deals or coupon blog. Kudos to those lovely blogs, but that's not something I have time to keep up with or the heart to do. Mine will be less frequent then several times a day!  No worries. I won't bombard you, but you can expect something on a more weekly basis. :)

The other thing I am going to be adding in to my Joyful Mothering content is my journey to changing our family's eating habits. I touched on this subject a little bit in my week's worth of groceries post.

Whole Foods Journey

I'll be flat out honest--I have brushed this issue under the rug more times then I care to admit. But God keeps bringing it out in the open. I'm not sure of all the reasons just yet, besides I know it's good to eat healthy. Unfortunately, eating healthy is not nearly as simple as it once was. Nor inexpensive.

The reason I want to blog through this journey is, 1) for accountability and 2) to show others that it can be done and how it can be done. I don't live on a big plot of land. I don't live in a big house. We definitely aren't rich, and I don't exactly have much to work with in terms of gardening space.

But, I am going to do what I can rather then waiting for the most ideal time and space. If this is something you're wanting to do and just don't know where to start, you are not alone, friend. Not at all.

My husband bought me fresh herbs and we transplanted them into pots. They both died, despite my best efforts. If you don't think you can do this or have what it takes (green thumb and all), you can follow along with me. You're in the right place.

So, these are a couple of the things that you will see implemented into Joyful Mothering. I am really looking forward to seeing how my whole foods journey will unfold and I hope you'll join me!!