A Shift In Our Homeschooling

Stack of hardcover encyclopedias against red backgroundMy 8-year old daughter is an avid reader. In fact, she is a lightning-fast reader. Sometimes I question whether or not she's actually read something because of how fast she completes it. She may not pick up on every single detail, however, she can give me a pretty decent narration much of the time.

However, because she is such a fast, avid reader, I have overloaded her with reading in her lessons thinking it would be good for her. Because she is only in 3rd grade, though, her focus should not be to remember all the details of her reading, but to learn how to comprehend and retain what she reads, as well as build her vocabulary, learn punctuation, and simply be attentive to what she is reading. Training in this capacity, I believe, should have less material so that we can go into greater depth with just a couple of books.

I believe the same is true of writing. Start small, teach attention to detail and letter formation [print and cursive], and not so much on how much can be "punched out" in a sitting. Sloppy work is usually the end result. Rather, I will cut the amount of copy work in half and train her.

That is how I started off, but somewhere down the line I lost focus of our goals and just took off. I'm going back to the basics with Charlotte Mason, to refocus and kind of relearn. I will be following Our Journey Westward for the next 8 days [plus the previous 2] to gently bring me back to those basics. Yet I can't ignore the Large Families by Chocolate on My Cranium, oh and Preschool by Delightful Learning. Oh there is so much wonderful  stuff to dig into!

This week, Heart of the Matter Online is doing a 10-day blog hop with 16 top notch homeschool bloggers. Folks, I can't think of a better way to connect with other homeschool moms online!!! May I offer a word of caution, though? Do not believe that you have to do something  because another family is doing it. It is a nasty trap and it will not help you move forward. That doesn't mean that nothing is good. But line it up with your own homeschool goals. If it doesn't fit, whether with your plan or with your time, pass it up. A hard lesson I learned.

Over the course of the next month, I will be revamping our homeschool and possibly sharing about how it's going here. I'm not real good about taking pictures of every project we do and posting about every home school day. To be honest? I just don't have that kind of time. LOL In fact, finding time to blog at all is a challenge. As much as I LOVE, LOVE to blog, it's not my highest priority. It is a privilege and not a necessity. But I hope you will stick with me for the days I do get to write! :)


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