A More Effective Mother

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If your heart is in conflict with the Lord, no amount of organization, planning, or scheduling will make you a more effective mother. -Sally Clarkson {Educating the WholeHearted Child}

As a mother, I am the heartbeat of my home. If I am not nurturing my heart to live for Jesus, I cannot [and will not] adequately guide my children. I need daily, regular hard stops with the Lord in order to recharge and remain equipped for what He has for me.

I cannot assume my relationship with God will care for itself, without committing regular effort or time to it.

It all starts with me--with my heart--and making sure it is prepped and willing each and every day. Once a week is not enough. Sometimes once a day is not enough.

This is something I have allowed to become strained. As a result, the running of my home and training of my children have suffered. And so has my marriage.  What's happening is, time with the Lord goes well for a while, and I see fruit. Then I foolishly believe I can allow it to freewheel and expect that everything will continue to go well. But they don't. This relationship needs to be fed, at least as often as our body is fed. Our physical bodies cannot go very long without food before we become hungry and our body reacts negatively to not being nourished. So is it with our spiritual bodies.

This coming year I have deemed A Year of Joy. I will be focusing on joy in all things, starting with my tone of voice. But all this cannot take place without my relationship with God being nurtured on a daily basis; on a constant, consistent basis.

Join me? Let's grow together in the coming year. I will be sharing tools to help you and partnering with other blogs/bloggers to help us move forward.

2011 will be full of goodies and growth here at Joyful Mothering. You don't want to miss it.

Are you making your relationship with the Lord a priority?