A Dare For You

Many of you have already bought this beautiful book. But, in case you haven't [or have never heard of it], might I encourage you?

If you're looking to go deeper with God, this will help you.

If you're looking to find joy, this will help you.

If you're looking for a shift in perspective, this will help you.

You can click below to buy the book, but scroll down for more goodies...

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The button below will take you to the new site: One Thousand Gifts, where you can share your gifts, get free free gifts, read the gifts, read about Ann, plus more. It's a lovely site dedicated to YOU, the reader.


Finally, join in on the Bloom Book Club.

Read the book, watch the videos of Ann sharing each week.

Share your stories.

I just cannot pass up the opportunity to again share this with you, in case you missed it.

Blessings on this Monday, as I am off counting gifts of my own through homeschooling, home keeping, mothering, and being a help meet.

Journey with me?