When Your Child Struggles to Read

Teaching your child to read can feel so overwhelming. You may not have any idea where to start or your child just isn’t catching on to what you are trying to teach.

Teaching your child to read can feel so overwhelming. You may not have any idea where to start or your child just isn’t catching on to what you are trying to teach. Can I just say, All About Reading is an excellent program that helps take the guess-work out of teaching your child to read.

The teacher’s guide is awesome for walking you through the process and the hands-on activities are an amazing way to help really drive the concepts home. There is no planning required as it’s all done for you. The only thing you will need to do is get each lesson ready — but the manual tells you EXACTLY what you need and how to do that.

The one thing I have learned from teaching 5 children to read, is that consistency is KEY. You may feel like you’re getting nowhere, but as you keep pressing on, one day [for most children] it just clicks and they take off!!

What if your child isn’t “most children”?

Sometimes children can struggle with reading for various reasons. Maybe they struggle with dyslexia. All About Learning Press has some great resources to help.

Dyslexia Resource Library

Or if your child struggles with Auditory Processing Disorder, they have some great tips to help your child with that as well. Click the image below to find out more!

Auditory Processing Disorder

Children will learn at their own pace and in their own way and All About Reading can be a wonderful tool to equip you and your child in order to succeed!!

You can read my personal experience in more depth here and here.

20 Best Tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling

Download this FREE e-book to get some of the best tips on teaching reading and spelling. Oh yes, they also have an amazing spelling program!!

Because this is a multi-sensory program, it’s more difficult for your child to get bored or antsy. In fact, it has been known to be a great fit for many children with ADHD, which is a huge win!

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Write the Word and Focus Your Faith

Write the Word - Worship.jpg

The act of writing brings such a sense of focus and clarity as I take the time to slow down and pen the Scriptures one word at a time.

It helps me slow down and take it in.

I love Write the Word journals for this very reason. Not only do they come equipped with specific Scriptures wrapped around a theme, there is a section to pen my own thoughts as well.

God’s word is so rich and intricate, yet simple, I don’t want to miss any bit of what He is trying to speak to me.

When I sit down to spend those precious minutes with the Lord, I need to make them count. I need to keep them focused and intentional. And I need it everyday.

As a mom of seven children, this wonderful journal truly helps me cultivate growth in my quiet time with God.

I grab on to concepts, ideas, and the voice of God best when I’m writing.

The wonderful thing is, Cultivate What Matters has several different Write the Word journal themes to choose from

They even offer options for children which is SO wonderful!

It allows us to help our children nurture their own time with the Lord from a young age.

There is such beauty in the Word of God and writing it down and wrapping it and what I learn up into a beautiful journal makes for a great keepsake. It’s something you can look back on and it’s also something you can later pass down to your children. They can look through and see how God was faithful in your life and what trials and triumphs you went through in the various seasons of your life. What a testimony to God’s goodness!!

Write the Word journal.jpg

You can also accompany your journal with Cultivate Faith stickers (eeek! sold out!) Stickers add a personal, creative touch to your journal. I personally LOVE stickers. I used to collect them as a teenager. I love how quickly they can make a statement onto nearly whatever you choose. They can emphasis what’s on your heart or what you’re focusing on.

Freshen up your faith as we close the door on summer and open a new beginning with new possibilities!

Grab your Write the Word journal here.

Write the Word inside.jpg

For His Glory,


P.S. Powersheets are coming in October!! With cover reveal in September! I can’t wait!!

Freshen up your faith as we close the door on summer and open a new beginning with new possibilities!  Grab your Write the Word journal here!

A Few of My Favorite Things | A Gift Guide for Your Girlfriends

A Gift Guide for Your Girlfriends.png

One thing I love about Christmas is the ability to bless people with sweet gifts and watch their faces light up. The Christmas season really enhances the giving spirit. But sometimes we're at a loss on what to give.

I am not one to buy items just because they are a good deal. I tend to lean towards gifts that are both inspiring and practical. Though I may stretch the practical just a bit. But buying trinkets or nicknacks or cheap items just to give someone something to open isn't really my style. I like gifts to be meaningful.

I hope this guide will offer you some direction -- either help you get started or finish up -- shopping for those special gals in your life.






I think a Fitbit is a great idea for a friend who's been talking about wanting to get healthy, but just hasn't made it happen yet. Or for one who has made mention of wanting one or wanting an upgrade.  Check it out here {there are more colors and sizes to choose from}--> FitBit


This is a super powerful goal planner that will help you focus on what matters in 2019 and let go of what is only getting in the way of the most important things.


Here are just a few of the beautiful mugs DaySpring is offering at buy one get one free. That makes some of them $5 each!! Including those pictured above.

I have the Jesus and Shine mugs and I LOVE them. These make wonderful gifts! Get them here---> Coffee/tea mugs.

Gift Sets

These gift sets are only $12 at DaySpring right now, and this only represents a few of them. Click here to see more---> Gift Sets

There are some great options here, many of them over 50% off!

Gracelaced Devotion

This isn't only a beautifully written devotional, it's also beautifully and illustrated by the author herself. This makes a gorgeous gift!! Get yours here---> Gracelaced Devotional

She Reads Truth Bible

I have the She Reads Truth Bible and I really love it. It has beautiful, inspiring graphics throughout, devotions, and Bible reading plans. It's a great Bible to keep at home for studying or long term goals for reading through the Bible. Pair it with a journal, and you have a great combination!


Right now, this Wooden Caddy is only $10!!! It's normally $30!! 

I use it for homeschooling--housing pencils, markers, and colored pencils in it. We use it every day!

Grab yours here--->Wooden Caddy

I hope you at least get a few ideas from these awesome things I love--many of them on fantastic sales right now!

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