5 Ways to Attend a Homeschool Convention

This is a sponsored post. Attending a homeschool convention can be done in more than one way. You don't have to go alone, and you don't have to bring everyone along. Simply weigh your options and determine which one is best for YOU. Here are several different ways you can attend Great Homeschool Conventions.

5 Ways to Attend a Homeschool Convention

As a Family

Why not take the whole family? Make a weekend of it and enjoy your time together as a family. Plus, Great Homeschool Conventions  has a children's conference they offer, not merely to care for your children, but to be impacted by the ministry who puts it on.  - Child attendance is included in the Family Registration, but the conference is extra and it does sell out. So if you're interested in having your child(ren) participate, get in on that early. Additionally, they have a Teen Track {Real Faith for the Real World} that helps you and your teen prepare their faith for the real word. Although it's geared toward teens, parents are welcome, too.

Going Solo

Maybe taking the family isn't an option, or you could use a weekend away. A burned out homeschooling mom can certainly use some refreshing and focus. Sometimes just stepping outside of the day-to-day can help us gain some perspective. You can participate in the Parent Track which is sure to lighten the mood a bit and offer some direction. Maybe you're new to homeschooling and have no choice but to go solo because you haven't yet connected with other homeschooling moms. What better opportunity is there then this?!

With a Friend

Maybe you don't like traveling alone or you have a fellow-homeschooling friend who you can have a weekend getaway with. Or perhaps your friend is unsure or new to homeschooling. What better way to introduce her to the community? She can get the inside scoop at Great Homeschool Conventions. Or maybe it's you who needs more information. Make a weekend of it! Exchange ideas, concerns, encouragement. Having support is vital in homeschooling. Plus, it's always fun to have someone to laugh with at a comedy night. (Hello, Bob Smiley!)

With a co-op

Are you part of a co-op? Why not set up a trip to go as a group? You can each split up and see different speakers, take wild notes, and exchange them at the end of the convention.

With an older child

I think a convention is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with a child, probably an older child. Not only can you spend some special time together with your child, but you can also ask for input on their homeschooling. Invite them to share their ideas and preferences about how they learn best and what interests them most. Allowing them to see options right in front of them may open their eyes to something new.

However you choose to go, you're sure to learn something new and go home with fresh vision and ideas. Register today for a Great Homeschool Conventions in a city near you.

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