5 Days of Mothering & Homemaking and A Summer Book Club

5 Days Series


Next week I'll be posting as part of a series called 5 Days of Mothering and Homemaking. There are 21 bloggers who have joined in to create this series.

I'm posting on cleaning and getting your children involved. Topics will include:

  1. Intro & Clutter Control -
  2. Kitchen: the Center of Everything
  3. Deep Cleaning
  4. Teamwork
  5. Serving with Joy

Each day will include a challenge that you have to start and maintain for that week. It would be awesome to maintain them past the week, but for now we'll focus on just that week.

The other bloggers participating in the series and their topics include:

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  9. Leigh Ann - 5 Days of 20 Minute Meals
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  11. Eileen - 5 Days to Better Communication
  12. Kelli - 5 Days of Using  Your Grain Mill
  13. Kelli - 5 Days of Exploring God's Creation
  14. Christin - 5 Days of How to Clean House (and involve your children)
  15. Mary - 5 days of Using Essential Oils
  16. Honey - 5 Days of Organizing Your Homeschool
  17. Trillia - 5 Days of Saying No
  18. Kim - TBA
  19. Nicole - 5 Days of Virtue Training
  20. Laurie - 5 Days of Children's Birthday Party Ideas
  21. Stephanie - 5 Days of Blessing Your Husband

Summer Book Club

Beautiful Battle

I've decided, with the help of some feedback, that I'm going to hold a summer book club here. Whether you're single, married, a mother with small children or an empty-nester, we can all do this study together.

Beautiful Battle is a book that deals with understanding the enemy, utilizing our armor, how to deal with being reactive, and how we can live with hope in the midst of a battle.

It is broken down beautifully and we have two choices of how we can go through it, so this is where I'll need your input.

We can either go through it slowly, one chapter per week, and finish some time in the middle of the fall. Or we can go through it faster, doing two chapters per week and finish before September. We start in two weeks, June 13th, so get those books ordered! :)

So you need to tell me in the comments: one chapter per week or two chapters per week? Ready? Go!

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