4 Reasons to Attend Great Homeschool Conventions

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4 Reasons to Attend Great Homeschool Conventions

Great Homeschool Conventions

This year, Great Homeschool Conventions has some great things in store for their convention year. Think great speakers, awesome exhibitors, and wonderful encouragement. If you have never been to a homeschool convention (or even if you have), I want to offer you four great reasons why you should be at one of the three locations for 2014 (Texas in 2015!). GHC | 300 x 140

1. To be Encouraged

Homeschooling is very rewarding, but it can be tough. Very tough and sometimes it can feel very alone. Being encouraged by fellow homeschooling families is one key to keep moving forward...everyday and every year.

You better believe there have been a few days when I have wanted to quite homeschooling altogether. It's hard enough being isolated most days -- homeschooling moms (and dads) need to know they aren't alone and there are families who have gone before them and come out successful (and still sane) on the other side. It's OK to admit homeschooling is hard! The Bible says to encourage one another, as long as it's called today. Get a heaping helping of it at Great Homeschool Conventions.

2. To Find Curriculum

Sometimes we can just feel lost, not knowing where to search for what we're looking for to work with our family and our children.

Meeting with people face to face to choose a curriculum package that is just right for you is an invaluable opportunity. Furthermore, you'll find you can tap into the experience of other homeschoolers and get a feel for how a curriculum works and how much prep time is involved.

Catalogs and endless internet searches can keep us running in circles. Great Homeschool Conventions can offer you some of the best options out there and often, you can look through it before making any decisions.

3. To Transition to a New Level

Are you new to homeschooling or transitioning from elementary to middle school, or middle school to high school? These rites of passage can be a little intimidating. With each new level, there is a bit more responsibility that goes along with it - for the parent and the child. Even after years of homeschooling, suddenly you can become paralyzed with simply not knowing what to do next.

Great Homeschool Conventions can address these developments and help put your  mind at ease by offering you some definite direction.

4. To Refresh and Refocus

Sometimes what we're doing just doesn't seem to be working anymore. Our season of life has changed or we've learned our child's style of learning isn't lining up with how we're doing things.

Stepping away to gather a fresh perspective may just be what you need to get back on a track that works well for you and your child. And sometimes, we just need to step away and come home refreshed and energized to begin again.

Oh and one more....

5. Because Bob Smiley will be there.

Who's Bob Smiley? Well...

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