3 Steps for Making Goals

Today I just want to share with you a few quick steps to help you create goals which will be effective for your life. You've heard the phrase less is more. You don't know just how true those words are!!

When we are putting our attention on too much at one time, little gets accomplished. We spread ourselves too thin to be able to work at anything effectively. We believe that everything needs to change right now, and we try to make that happen. But in the end what we end up with is a lot of frustration and feelings of failure because we didn't accomplish anything.

Here's a good example:

My goals for the coming year involve several areas of my life, including spiritual, marriage, mothering, home keeping, and blogging. Under each of these areas, I have listed several goals. If I begin the year trying to tackle all of them at once, I am going to find myself in a frenzy and getting nothing accomplished.

Let's talk about that map again. If you stick to focusing on one or two areas, you'll remain on the road that's aimed at your destination.

Alabama Road Trip by goose, on Pix-O-Sphere

However, if you take a multitude of different roads, --or try to tackle many goals-- they can actually lead you away (far away) from your destination.

So here are some simple steps to narrow down those most important priorities and goals:

1.  Create a mission statement.

Kat over at Inspired to Action has a wonderful, FREE e-book on how to create your own mission statement. It's called Mission Statements for Moms. This will really help with the goal making process! I have gone through this process and my mission statement is

To be lost in God, devoted to serve, and a recipient of grace & joy. To be a joyful help meet who is supportive and ambitious; to be intentional about making our home a peaceful haven. To be a joy-filled mother who graces her children in word & action; to be attentive, consistent, & diligent in teaching and training. To be a passionate writer for God, using my messy life as a testimony for His glory.

When I share my goals in a later post, you will see how they line up with this mission statement.

2. Know your priorities

Creating your mission statement should have had you list your priorities. So, once you complete step number 1, step number two will fall into place. But, for the sake of this post, I wanted to draw it out for you so you can be thinking about it. This is where your goals will stem from and how you will determine which ones are most important.

3. List up to 3 goals under each priority.

Don't go crazy listing every tiny detail of each priority that you want to accomplish. Pick up to three goals per priority. Ideally, one or two would be best. For example, listed under my spiritual walk (priority), my goals are

  • a quiet, peaceful heart
  • morning prayer & evening Bible reading

That's it. Once those goals have become habits, I can move on to making new goals, or move to a different priority in my life such as my marriage or mothering.


Thursday I am going to share my one word for the year 2011. The one thing that will blanket all my priorities. I encourage you to share yours as well and link up with Ann of A Holy Experience.



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