2012 Goals

Sarah Mae, who was inspired by Money Saving Mom (Crystal), has inspired ME to make some solid goals. Usually I am a goal maker but I admit, I've allowed this to slip and may be the reason I'm so frustrated with going in circles!

I may add to these as we go, but I wanted to get started right away.

So here it goes:

For 2012


Daily Bible Reading & Journaling (in morning before house wakes)

Continue reading through my stack of books--you can see them here.

One habit per month (such a great idea; list below)

Focus on 1000 Gifts


Read 2 books together

Read 1 book on marriage (myself) - The Husband Project

Go on one date per month


Lead them into new habits--(one per month, listed below)

Pray through "Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation"

Read 2 chapters aloud, daily (Hoping to get through 6 books before the year's end)

Weekly dates with each child

Do 1 project/craft/art per week (at least)


Create work hours

Take Sunday's off

Get more involved in Pinterest


For July


Wake up before children (July habit) - includes time with God

Breakfast Challenge

Drink water: - 32 oz per day (to start)

Read at least 30 minutes per day (from my book stack)

Continue house purge/organization

Take vitamins


Begin marriage book (and implement principals most relevant)


Read 2 chapters aloud, daily

Finish math books

Direct & Inspect bedrooms each evening (July habit)

Focus on 1000 Gifts


Create and stick to working hours

Create editorial calendar for remainder of July

Write 300 words per day

Monthly Habits


July - wake up early (Bible reading)

August - read Bible at breakfast to children

September - weekly cleaning routine (deep cleaning schedule)

October - TBD

November - TBD

December - TBD


July - Clean bedroom floor each evening

August - Journal/Notebook Daily

September - Begin personal Bible plans and teach SOAP method (older kids);

October - TBD

November - TBD

December - TBD

As I work through the above goals and habits, I will fill in any blank areas with what needs arise. This at least gives me a starting point.

I will be sharing my progress each Saturday. It will be awesome accountability for me and hopefully motivation for you.

Are you inspired to create your own goals now?!