10 Reasons You Should Go to the Great Homeschool Convention in California

Great Homeschool Conventions California

This is a sponsored post, which means I've been compensated for my time. You should know I wouldn't share anything in this space I didn't believe in.

10 Reasons to Attend Great Homeschool Conventions in California

1. Discounted hotel rates of $89 and $99.

That's right. The Double Tree by Hilton is offering $99 per night.

2. Free parking (say what?!)

Free parking available at surrounding hotels for guests.

3. It has the largest Homeschool Curriculum Exhibit Hall in California

We're talking hundreds of exhibitors.

4. Heidi St. John will be speaking.

Need I say more?

5. So will Matt Walsh.

6. Family Comedy Night with Bob Smiley

This guy is funny. If you've never heard him, his voice alone will give you a laugh.

7. Teen Track

 Real Faith for the Real World. Our teens need to be encouraged to carry their faith with them and own it.

8. Children's Program

A way for children to learn more about God in a fun, dynamic setting.

9. Hundreds of Workshops Packed With Info

Have you seen this list?!

10. Audio CDs will be Available For Sale at the Convention {only} for Workshops You Can't Make

Holla! Wisdom to learn all year long? Yes, please!

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