Bible Study for Moms {series}

Bible Study for Moms series

Find the above Bible study here: Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas

It's an incredibly common struggle for moms - finding time and tools to read and study the Bible. It's so easy to allow it to slip out of our priorities. I'm speaking of myself here, too. I know how easy it is. So when you read the series this week, know I am totally talking to myself here, too. What better way to know the need then to be in need?

I am not kidding when I say there are many days I try to steal time by sneaking outside to the porch or to my room to get a few minutes of Bible reading in today and I never even get the Bible open. Either someone will find me because they need something (no biggie, that's why I'm mom), or I'll sit there and it's like there's literally a battle with me opening my Bible. I just sit there, with it in my lap.

Maybe it's the lies. Maybe it's the guilt. I just freeze. Sometimes I lack direction--"What do I read?" Sometimes I talk myself out of it because a few minutes just isn't enough time to devote to God. So, I devote nothing.

Can you relate?

Satan would love nothing more than to keep us buried in these lies and from reading God's truth. (After all, the truth will set you free).

I think we need to ask ourselves some very serious questions. Who (or what) are we truly living for? Because that truth will press us into the things we truly love. I know when I remain connected to the heart of God through His word and pressing in with prayer, He is not far and there is a peace that's unexplainable.

But when I allow time to put a gap in our relationship, His voice of Truth is harder to hear because it's further away. The door has been opened wider for other things to leak in and eventually pour in, drowning out His voice so I can no longer hear His direction or encouragement. I need to make the steps to go to Him and be fed.

Stay tuned with me this week as I share some things about getting into God's word. Before we dig in, the first thing you need to do is release any guilt you may be having for not doing what you *think you should do* in this regard. Just let it go. It's useless and will only weigh you down from moving forward.

We have freedom in Christ to dig into God's word when it works best for us. So let go of that guilt, but do be prepared for a fresh perspective and fresh start.


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